The Internet Is Ready for the Area 51 Raid With Hilarious Memes

The Internet Is Ready for the Area 51 Raid With Hilarious Memes

Alien enthusiasts have wondered for decades what's really going on at Area 51 in Nevada, with various conspiracies claiming that the military base could be home to otherworldly technology, or even be home to alien life forms. Earlier this year, a Facebook event that seemingly began as a joke started to amass thousands of followers, with the organizer merely trying to recruit people to start running towards the base, thinking that no amount of security could stop everyone who was getting involved. In the months since the event was created, more than two million Facebook users have agreed to participate, with the event set to unfold this weekend.

With local law enforcement making it clear that they aim to stop anyone partaking in illegal activity surrounding the event, organizers have attempted to adapt their original plans into other activities, from concerts to conferences focusing on alien activity. How many of the event's millions of followers actually show up in the Nevada desert is yet to be seen, but social media is celebrating the event by sharing countless memes.

Scroll down to see what the internet is saying about the Storm Area 51 event!

1 of 10Sweating

Jacob BigajWhen the guards at #Area51 hear cries of "Let's get this bread!" at 3am

2 of 10What's That Sound?

Tomorrow #Area51

3 of 10Quiet Out Here

Introverted, not tryna kick itEverybody tweeting about the #Area51 raid vs the amount of people showing up.

4 of 10Ready and Mighty

SteffyThe day we’ve all been waiting for is tomorrow. Our training has all led to this. We are ready. We are mighty. If we fall then we will all fall together as we Naruto Run into the glorious sunset for the final time. #Area51

5 of 10Attack Plan

kevKnow your places for tomorrow people #Area51

6 of 10All-Star Attendees

Bad Deviantart Artget ready #Area51

7 of 10Team Twilight

THE TWILIGHT SAGAWhen we heard there might be vampires in #Area51...

8 of 10Good Luck

The Thorn of Camorr : God luck my crazy American suicidal brothers and sisters #Area51 #area51raid

9 of 10Wretched Hive

Renata KonkolyWhat bars will look like after #Area51 raid :

10 of 10Simpsons Did It

RawspieTomorrow... The Simpsons never lied before #Area51
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