Do you have any dumb nicknames for monsters?

User Info: CaptainWolf

CaptainWolf 20 hours ago#1

Great Jagras: Biguana(do not bully)

Tzitzi: My Sissy(tzitzi) Friend

Odogaron: Ol' Doggo Ron

Glavenus: Tyrannoswordus

Furious Deviljho: Nope

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User Info: SpinKirby

SpinKirby 20 hours ago#2

Glavenus: Dinovaldo

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User Info: seraphiczero

seraphiczero 19 hours ago#3

mucous boi

dog boi


ice chicken

moose guy

fish guy

cat (3)

i'll let you guess the corresponding monsters

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User Info: Gojira346

Gojira346 19 hours ago#4


Punchinbag (Jurytados)

King Kong Rayjohng

Best Boi

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User Info: DunBeJay

DunBeJay 19 hours ago#5

My nicknames for things in general:

Titz Magee


John Shamos

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User Info: Ghannos

Ghannos 19 hours ago#6




User Info: Fatboy2020

Fatboy2020 19 hours ago#7

I call Bazelgeuse Scary Terry. Rick and Morty fans will understand lol.

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User Info: Panthera

Panthera 19 hours ago#8

Teostra = Toaster

Deviljho = Joseph (sometimes "devilish Joseph")

Odogaron = Odoggo

Ebony Odogaron = Edgy Odoggo

Tigrex = Tiggy

And for non-World stuff

Seregios = Steve (like everyone else calls him)

Zamtrios = Stupid boy (thanks youtube)

Jhen Mohran = Jennifer Moron

Dah'ren Mohran = Darn Moron


User Info: ToastedSal

ToastedSal 19 hours ago#9




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User Info: Gai_Akiba

Gai_Akiba 19 hours ago#10

Back in the old day of monster hunter on PlayStation 2 brick we called rathian = ram rod aka the freight train.

We called khezu dick head (we really did lol)

We called Fatalis Fatty

We called rhajang Jhong

We called lagaiacrus long John (no joke)

User Info: mnowicki091

mnowicki091 17 hours ago#11

Toby K

User Info: Crazy_Talk

Crazy_Talk 17 hours ago#12

I use to call the Lucent Naragacuga "Lucy"

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User Info: Kiryun

Kiryun 16 hours ago#13


Pickle - X


Rock Chicken

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User Info: Edgemaster70000

Edgemaster70000 16 hours ago#14

Not exactly the topic, but roughly half the time I try to say Bazelguese's name, I say Bagel by accident and then curse myself for doing it again.

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User Info: CaptainWolf

CaptainWolf (Topic Creator)15 hours ago#15

Edgemaster70000 posted...

Not exactly the topic, but roughly half the time I try to say Bazelguese's name, I say Bagel by accident and then curse myself for doing it again.

Say it three times to summon the spirit of Panera Bread's Tuesday bagel special.

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User Info: potatocharlie

potatocharlie 15 hours ago#16

Usually call Bazelgeuse something like Beetlejuice or Bagel.

Odogaron is Doggo.

Glavenus is Glavy.

Nargacuga is Narga.

Teostra is toaster.

Tigrex (apparently pronounced Tee-Grex) is Tie-Grex. Sounds cooler.

Nothing special.

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User Info: Semeki

Semeki 15 hours ago#17

Tobachi = Tobi Kadachi

Idk what to call Viper Tobachi.

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User Info: BlackHoleEyes

BlackHoleEyes 15 hours ago#18


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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

ToiseOfChoice 15 hours ago#19

Ziggy for Zinogre, Stig Zig for Stygian Zinogre, The Lord for Thunderlord Zinogre

edit: can't think of any others for anything in IB

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User Info: OhGoodGrief

OhGoodGrief 15 hours ago#20

CaptainWolf posted...

Great Jagras: Biguana

Lol that one is very fun.

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

XCrimsonSamurai 15 hours ago#21

Odogaron - Odongobongo

Bazelgeuse - Beezy

Tobi Kadachi - Tobey Maguire

Dodogama - Dodogumbo

Tzitzi Ya Ku - t***y Ya Ku

User Info: Reinbolt

Reinbolt 3 hours ago#22

Bracydous = d*ckhead

Bazelguese/ seething = s*** droper

Savage jho = as*hole

Other monster that come on my screen while im hitting the target monster quest = bastard


User Info: DrakeRathalos

DrakeRathalos 2 hours ago#23

Kushala Daora = Tetani carrying a******

Khezu/Red Khezu = Titans' d*ck

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User Info: DrakeRathalos

DrakeRathalos 2 hours ago#24

XCrimsonSamurai posted...

Odogaron - Odongobongo

O(dongo)bongo. "Dongo" in Indonesian means "Idiot", which is Odogaron in a nutshell lel.

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User Info: clint1shot

clint1shot 2 hours ago#25

Shara Isvalda > Freak Face / pervert face

User Info: WhiteGold

WhiteGold 2 hours ago#26

Rajang - Rape Ape

Kirin - My Little Pony

Nargacuga - My old punching bag

Kulve Taroth - Katie

Behemoth - La-Heemoth

Teostra - Simba

Lunastra - Nala

Glavenus - LS-user

Radobaan - Rolly Polly

Brachydios - MNK

Bonus nicknames from boyfriend:

Black Diablos - Black babe, Mami

Nightshade Paolumu - Nightmare

Barioth - Sabertooth

Rathalos - White Knight

CaptainWolf posted...

Glavenus: Tyrannoswordus

This is amazing lolol

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User Info: Jeannie13

Jeannie13 2 hours ago#27

"Steve" and "Murder Pickle" are the STUPIDEST nicknames ever!

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User Info: afgb132

afgb132 2 hours ago#28

Kushala - Koosh

Odogaron - Odo

Rathalos - Los

Rathian - Ian

Brachydios - Brachy Dio Da!

Tobi Karachi - Toby

Bazelgeuse - B-52 BOMBER

Rajang - Oozaru

Dodogama - Doodoo

Anjanath - Angie

Yian Garuga - Purple People Eater

Gypceros - Gyp

Kut Ku - Koo Koo

User Info: MightyBaconX

MightyBaconX 1 hour ago#29

Jho the Ho


Super Saiyan Rajang


User Info: TelikoFreedman

TelikoFreedman 1 hour ago#30

Namielle - Blah blah blah Tidal Wave!

Fulgur Anjanath - Taserface

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User Info: Villainous

Villainous 1 hour ago#31

Nargi, punchy boi, Ziggy stardust

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User Info: Thee_Lost_One

Thee_Lost_One 1 hour ago#32

I'll see your Tryanoswordus, and raise you a

Banbaro: Tyrannosaurus Moose

Legiana: Scissor foot

Tzitzi: Flash Mob

Deviljho: The Angriest Pickle

S.Deviljho: The Hangriest Pickle

Kushala: That chrome piece of s*** up there

Nergigante: Nergel, Nergi, Spikes McGee, Stab-O-Holic, that snaggletoothed f*** what killed me again

Lavasioth: Lafishyoff

Jyuratodos: Mudkips Prime

Barroth: castle face

Kulu: did that dodo just Brain me in the face with a rock!?

Rathian/Rathalos: Rath Attack

Tobi-Kadachi: Electric snake squirrel cat

Dodogama: Blast Jaw

Radobaan: Tar Pit

uragaan: Lenno ( like so many others ) Roller Derby

Bazelgeuse: B-52, Beetlejuice Bomber, Bazelblast

Vaal Hazak: Rotticus

Teostra: Blast Cat, Fluffy

Lunastra: that blue b**** that no one knows to seperate from Blast cat! aka Blast Cat Blue

Odogaron: Otto

Black odogaron: The Baddest dog

Paolumu: Battybrat

PukeiPukei: Googly

Great Girros: too much respect to not call him by name, one of my faves really.

Beotodus: Snow Shark

Kirin: Thunder Pony

Zora: Mount Zilla

Anjanath: Murder Turkey, Angie ( another one that uses this! )

Xeno Jiva: Zeno Dio

Still haven't consolidated any nick names for the rest of the new beasties, but all those are what I and a few others call our targets

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User Info: Archwing3441

Archwing3441 34 minutes ago#33

Shagaru magala = shigeru miyamoto

Odagaron = Oda nobunaga

Diablos = Hard Horns

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