19 Hilarious Tweets About Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a very helpful tool for partners facing all sorts of challenges. It can help you learn how to communicate better, resolve conflict more efficiently, maintain a healthy sex life and more. Honestly, what’s not to love?

And, like many good things in life, it also provides fodder for humor. Many folks on Twitter have shared their takes on the couples counseling experience ― from imagined scenarios to relatable anecdotes to one-liners.

Below, we’ve rounded up some funny and relatable tweets about couples therapy:

Lurkin' MomMe: What's the score, who's winning? Therapist: Ok so that's really not how couples counseling works.
MarlWears an "I'm with stupid" shirt to marriage counseling.
The DadMe: I just don’t see how Luigi could afford a mansion like that on a plumber’s salary, especially since he worked for his brother Wife: see what I mean? Therapist: shut up for a second he has a point
Floyd[couples therapy] HER: He's always talking down to me ME: *heavy sigh* It's called being condescending but I doubt you knew that, Karen
The Personification of NevilTherapist: So why...why are you...here? Me: My wife thinks I’m immature T: And has she...has she actually CAN YOU STOP DOING THAT??!! M: (I put the bubble wrap down)
Sophia Benoit[couples therapy] therapist: what do you each think makes a relationship work? Him: Trust Me: a fully stocked pantr --trust.
Ken Jennings*Bob the Builder takes Wendy's hand at couples therapy* ...Can we fix it?
grim monte Couples therapy 1999: he doesn't tell me I'm pretty anymore Couples therapy 2017: he hasn't liked one of my tweets in like 8 months
Saucy Kensington[Couples Therapy] HER: He keeps pretending he's a doctor. This relationship is dead HIM: I'm calling it. Time of death, 9:26 ME: OMG SEE!
Floyd[marriage counseling] She doesn't think I'm very romantic "He wears a fanny pack to bed" IT'S FOR HOLDING SNACKS, KAREN
Andy H.THERAPIST: why do you want to end your marriage? ME: she uses the flesh colored emojis instead of the default yellow ones THERAPIST: [nodding]
Just Linda When you say something like that, I feel like YOU'RE A DAMN MORON. (This marriage counseling is really helping me express myself better.)
Andy RichterYou think you have a good marriage? Well, at couples therapy my wife and I threw our shoulders out from high-fiving each other so much!
Kalvin[at couples therapy] "He’s always so suspicious." I am not. "You patted my father down for a wire at Christmas." He has a moustache.
Michael Ian BlackMy wife just made me put the fitted sheet on the bed by myself so I guess we are going back to couples counseling.
Marl{marriage counseling} I guess it all started when I saw him put the toothpaste on before the water... *therapist scribbles furiously*
Saucy Kensington[couples therapy] Her: HE'S CHEATING! Therapist: Let's hear his side Him: EVERYONE KNOWS YOU SAY "SHOOT" AFTER ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS KAREN!
MyMomologue(at marriage counseling) Him: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! Me: Why are you afraid? What do you think will happen if you refill the soap dispenser?
Sarah ThyreIt was close, then a tie, then we went into overtime, but I emerged victorious. I did it - I won couples therapy!
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