Lakers rumors: Team officially engages in Anthony Davis trade talks

If recent Los Angeles Lakers rumors are true, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry is back as both teams have reportedly engaged in trade talks with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis.

There have been plenty of Los Angeles Lakers rumors with the offseason getting ready to pick up. Free agency starts on June 30, but the NBA Draft is coming up on June 20. With the fourth overall pick in the draft, the Lakers are looking at options to package the pick in trade deals to add another superstar to their roster.

Anthony Davis, of the New Orleans Pelicans, is a hot commodity this offseason as a potential one-year rental. There have been whispers throughout the season of the Lakers potentially acquiring him, but it’s getting down to the buzzer.

Adrian Wojnarowski, who helped break the trade discussions, doubled back to clarify that as of now, this is not a 3-way trade deal.

The Lakers and Celtics are pursuing Davis individually. “There is no spirit of cooperation here,” says Woj, as is typical of Lakers-Celtics history.

Adrian WojnarowskiTo be clear, of course: The Celtics and Lakers are trying to negotiate independent deals with New Orleans for Anthony Davis. There's no spirit of cooperation here. The Lakers No. 4 pick would be used to acquire Davis in a multi-team deal that does NOT include Boston.

Both Los Angeles and Boston are appealing for various reasons. However, in a recent Sports Illustrated interview, Rich Paul, Davis’ agent, says AD is not interested in signing a long term contract with the Celtics.

Good-ish news for the Lakers. Additionally, Kyrie Irving will also reportedly opted out of his Celtics’ player option on Wednesday, June 11.

While the fourth overall pick is definitely on the table, Lakers’ Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball have also been considered as inclusions in the trade.

However, per Tania Ganguli, the Pelicans want Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers don’t seem interested in letting him go to New Orleans.

Tania GanguliOne player that the Lakers’ trade discussions with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis could hinge on? Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers do not want to trade him, but the Pelicans want him as part of a package, sources tell me and @BA_Turner.

Kuzma or not, a lot of this trade deal will be valued based on the fourth overall pick. There is still a week left before the NBA Draft, so nothing will be set in stone.

So far, Jarrett Culver is the only realistic draft selection that the Lakers have worked out. ESPN’s mock draft predicts Darius Garland to be selected fourth overall. De’Andre Hunter could even be an option. Neither has been hosted for pre-draft workouts with the Lakers yet.

It is likely that Thursday, June 20, prior to the draft, the Lakers and Pelicans will come to an agreement on Davis’ trade package.

Knowing the NBA, though, fans shouldn’t relax just yet. Other teams could absolutely swoop in and offer more in return for Davis. It’s officially offseason folks.

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