LG creates new robotics and autonomous vehicles divisions

LG creates new robotics and autonomous vehicles divisions
(Image: Chris Monroe/CNET)

LG Electronics announced during its year end restructuring that it will form two new divisions -- in robotics and autonomous vehicles -- which will be under the direct supervision of the CEO.

The South Korean tech giant said the divisions, called robot business centre and autonomous vehicle business task, were formed to focus on strategically important sectors.

Previously, robotics was divided into various groups under the CTO: its home entertainment business, and material and production research groups, but the personnel for these two groups will now come under one roof.

The autonomous vehicle division will focus on mid-to-long-term investment and research, LG said.

The company will also form a North America R&D Centre that will focus on researching AI for the US and Canada.

Compatriot Samsung set-up its seventh AI research centre in Montreal, and is applying the technology in various areas, including medical imaging.

LG's TV boss will also be heading the firm's troubled mobile business. The firm's smartphone business has suffered seven consecutive quarters of operating losses, and there were rumors that the firm was planing to dismantle the division.

LG Electronics has reported 771 billion won in profits for the second quarter of 2018.

LG Display is collaborating with Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo in developing foldable phones and will supply the display panels, South Korean media reports.

LG Electronics and E-Mart will co-develop a smart cart for use in South Korean supermarkets that will follow customers around instead of being pushed.

Both revenue and operating loss are shrinking for the mobile arm of the Korean electronics conglomerate.

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