Advancements in VOIP Technology

Advancements in VOIP Technology

Because technology is moving quicker than ever before, it’s important to be on top of the latest advancements in telecommunications for VoIP (short for “Voice over Internet Protocol”). In this article, we’ll cover some of the newest add-ons that can bring value to your business and open up new avenues of global communication.

Call Recording

One of the best add-ons that’s possible due to VOIP is “call recording.” Exactly as the name implies, your business can record and store conversations for later review. Because VoIP’s sound quality has improved due to better connection speeds, call recording now provides interruption-free sound files that can serve a number of functions.

The most obvious of these functions is to review calls between your customer service reps and customers. This can be to see whether these employees are providing the best customer service, as well as ensuring that your staff follows protocol.

Additionally, if your business operates in the financial, banking, or investment sectors, international regulators have stepped in to ensure that all calls are recorded. This is to provide the public with the best service, but also to avoid scammers that try to exploit loopholes in international commerce.

Simultaneous Ringing

Is your call center’s staff always busy? If so, VoIP’s “simultaneous ringing” add-on can bring order to the chaos. Essentially, when a call is made to a phone number, all designated phones ring simultaneously, with the call being answered by the first person available to process the call. Simultaneous ringing ensures that customers are guaranteed the quickest service — instead of being endlessly on hold before ending up in voicemail.

Time of Day Routing

Consider that VOIP has the ability to route calls instantly. It goes to follow that businesses could be accessible 24/7 and receive calls from anywhere in the world. This is where the add-on “time of day routing” adds new dimensions of accessibility to your business.

Because you can have these calls routed to another call center, potential customers aren’t lost when your business is no longer on the clock. Instead, you can have calls routed to a call center that specifically processes off-hours transactions and inquiries.

Similarly, time of day routing can help entrepreneurs create a reasonable work-life balance. When calls fall outside of predetermined hours, those calls are automatically routed to voicemail.

Outbound Calling

Have you ever received a phone call on your caller ID that was a long string of digits? Chances are, you were being called via VOIP without an add-on called “outbound calling.” One of the most common issues during VOIP’s early days was that there wouldn’t be a phone number associated with the call. Recipients would often think there was an error or that the caller was a scammer, and therefore less likely to answer this call coming from an unrecognizable phone number.

In recent years, “outbound calling” has been made available to businesses that want to directly call potential customers while using a recognizable phone number. This means that the country code and area/region codes match the caller’s particular region, which aids in a business’ localization efforts.

There are many other add-ons thanks to the advancements of VoIP. And as the Internet evolves, VoIP’s capabilities are only expected to encompass greater and greater functionalities that can help businesses better serve their customers.

Of course, not every service provider offers the best in VoIP services, and the same excellent features. When looking for a service provider, make sure to check out whether they offer a wide range of add-ons that have practical value for your business. One good example of an excellent service provider of VoIP is United World Telecom ( With more than two decades of providing telecommunications solutions to the small businesses, startups, and larger enterprises, United World Telecom offers an extensive number of VoIP services, including virtual phone numbers, vanity phone numbers, toll free numbers, and much more. By using an adequate service provider, you can ensure that your business remains at the top of your industry, providing cutting-edge service and communications.

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