Rockstar abandons trademark for Agent game

Rockstar abandons trademark for Agent game

Rockstar has abandoned their trademark for former PS3 exclusive, Agent.

Eurogamer and other outlets have spotted that the US Patent and Trademark Office now lists the Agent trademark as "abandoned" due to the original holder failing to file a request for an extension or issuing a Statement of Use. In other words, Rockstar seemingly no longer has any interest in doing anything with the name. This would theoretically allow another studio to develop a project using that name.

To explain why this seemingly uneventful trademark expiration is significant, we must take a trip back to 2007. That was the year that Sony announced that Rockstar was developing a PS3 exclusive title. Considering that this announcement came shortly before the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, the idea of Rockstar developing a PS3 exclusive was came as quite the shock to industry figures and fans.

The game itself wasn't named until 2009 and was described at that time as being a single-player stealth action game about a group of spies in the 1970s. Rockstar hyped it as being a revolutionary and "genre-defining" game. In any case, its fascinating premise and undeniable design pedigree managed to propel it to the top of many gamers' most wanted lists.

Sadly, that was the last time we ever heard anything concrete regarding the specifics of the Agent project. Rockstar claimed to still be working on Agent as late as 2011 and even bothered to renew the trademark for the game in 2013. By that time, though, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V had already been released, and the PS3 was entering its final days. The fact that Rockstar hadn't bothered to talk about Agent in any meaningful way in five years also indicated that they might never finish the project.

What, exactly, happened to Agent may remain a mystery, but most reports indicate that Rockstar simply decided to shift their attention to other projects. We highly doubt that Rockstar will ever re-visit this game given that they no longer seem interested in developing smaller titles to complement their major releases, but we'd be fascinated to hear more regarding the development and fate of this lost game.

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