Steve Jobs - the Person to Whom You Need to Be Equal

Steve Jobs is a person who needs to be equal to our current youth. Man is an innovator in the information and computer age.

Steve Jobs - the Person to Whom You Need to Be Equal

His career began to be built at a fairly young age. The beginning of his activity in the field of IT-technologies began with an acquaintance with Steve Wozniak, who was very well versed in computers and various techniques. Later, Steve Wozniak will collect his own computer, which will push Jobs and Wozniak on the idea of ​​"creating a home computer." A few years later, Steve Wozniak will upgrade the old version of Apple Computer for the best Apple II. This will be a huge breakthrough in the field of computer technology - analyzing Jobs understood this and therefore began an active search for investors who would be willing to invest in this business.

And such a man was found - it was Mike Marculla. He believed in the idea of ​​young, but promising guys and lent a decent amount ($ 250,000) for business development. In less than two years, Apple will enter Fortune 500, which will strengthen the right choice of investment in such an enterprise, which invested Mike Marculla.

The main highlight of Apple II was the program of fast tabular calculations - VisiCalc, which was the first in demand program on the computer market in the eighties. By the end of the year nineteen eighty-eight, the company had pushed its boundaries of possibilities to an incredible scale. In his twenty-five years, Steve Jobs on the sale of VisiCalc earned about two hundred million dollars, which not everyone can earn at such a young age.

Why did Steve do it? Yes, all because sensible intuition, steel grip, a great desire to create impossible things and never give up moving Jobs. This is a person who almost from scratch used to lift huge projects, such as Lisa, Macintosh, NeXTSTEP, iPod. And always brought them to a crazy boom in the technology world. Such a person as Steve deserves only respect. No matter how his personal life developed, but Steve Jobs has always been, is and will be a creative giant in the field of IT-technologies. Not everyone has such a desire and opportunities, but all because there is no faith in oneself. There is no desire to introduce something new into this imperfect but rapidly developing world.

Steve Jobs is an example to follow. Every person in the world is trying to catch up, and maybe even surpass the creative achievements of the great genius. To date, Steve Jobs is one. He put such a high bar that in this millennium it is unlikely that someone will catch up with him. Although there is nothing impossible. It is necessary only to want.

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