Summer Drink Mojito. Refresh Yourself!

Summer Drink Mojito. Refresh Yourself!

Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail. Mojito consists of five ingredients: transparent white rum, lime juice, sugar, carbonated water and mint. Roma in Mojito 4 parts, and lime juice 3 parts, sugar add about two spoons, mint-2-3 sprigs.

In the capital of Cuba, Havana, Mojito's recipe appeared in a small café-restaurant "Bodeguita del Medio", which is located near the cathedral in Calle Emperado.

Founded in 1942, it still receives visitors today. This cafe loved to visit well-known personalities, such as Adrianis Rodriguez, Ernest Hemingway. Their photos are stored in the restaurant. The drink is perfectly refreshing in the hot Cuban afternoon.

Prepare Mojito in this way: lime juice is poured into the sugar, then peppermint is added and all this mixture is pressed so that the essential oils from mint are released. Then add rum and slowly mix the drink, giving time to the mint leaf to rise to the surface of the drink. In the last place are added pieces of ice, sparkling water and a glass decorate with sprigs of mint and lime circles.

There are a lot of stories about the origin of the name "Mojito". Here are some of them:

In the XVI century there was a cocktail "Drak", the predecessor of Mojito, his invention prescribes English pirates of Francis Drake. In those days, peppermint and lime were added to pirate rum to drown out the terrible taste. And since it was Cuba that was for the pirates of Drake a staging post, this cocktail was very popular there.

Almost 300 years after the invention of the cocktail "Drak" and in 1862 Don Facundo Bacardi Masso in Cuba opens the production of rum Bacardi. This was a new breakthrough in the creation of cocktails. Many famous cocktails, in particular the Mojito cocktail, are created only on the basis of Bacardi.

 In one version of the appearance of Bacardi Mojito obligation unknown to the bartender, who at the reception in the hotel "Sevilla", first mixed then popular cocktail julep, bourbon on replacing Bacardi Superior. The new cocktail was called Mojito - from mojado (wet). It is even mentioned the date of that party - May 25, 1930. This date is considered to be the "night of birth" of a beautiful cocktail.

In 1931, the recipe Mojito first appeared in the barman directory of the bar Sloppy Joe's Bar in Havana.

In 1933, a branch of the Havana bar Sloppy Joe's Bar opened at Key West. Friends of the owner of the bar were famous people: Joe Russell, Ernest Hemingway. Bacardi Mojito becomes the most popular cocktail of this institution.

Numerous bartenders-Cubans, as well as fashion for Mojito in the higher strata of the population, have made this cocktail is very popular, and in 1946 there is a cocktail menu of expensive bars, Miami, New York and San Francisco. Later, thanks to American tourists, Mojito gradually conquered Europe.

Summer Drink Mojito. Refresh Yourself!

In 2001, in London, there is a fashion for making cocktails with fresh fruits and this once again raises Mojito to the top of popularity. Created by the London club "Bar 50's" apple Mojito very quickly becomes the main hit in the UK. Later, its variants appeared with strawberries, pomegranate, blackberries and grapes.

Thick white rum, tart lime, cane sugar, tickling nose, carbonated water and a fragrant twig of mint. Ready summer drink!

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