How to perfect iPhone photography — Jeffrey Journal


Personal — 12 May 2018

How to perfect iPhone photography — Jeffrey Journal

I seem to have some form of creative recalibration every few months. I attribute this to my acute awareness of light and how it changes as each season passes. Having grown up in a dense city like Hong Kong, and having moved to Australia at the age of eight, I’m profoundly appreciative of Australian nature. As a natural extension of this, I have developed a profound adoration of Australian light, particularly during golden hour. There’s something about Australian light that truly beggars description.

Interestingly, in rediscovering my enthusiasm for storytelling, I’ve also become much more immersed in the daily motions of life. Having rekindled love for iPhone photography as of late, I captured these images to document a transitional phase of my personal life. In bookmarking these deeply subjective moments, I’ve been able to appreciate the vast array of emotions embedded within my conscious decision to live in my truth. But there is a fine line. Within my practice of documentary photography, there is a clear delineation between the value of real experiences and a juncture that has been captured. The reason for this is simple: if I don’t experience a certain moment in its entirety, there is no amount imagery capable of invoking my memory of that moment because it was never fully formed to begin with.

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