Healthy breakfast is a pledge of health and good mood!

Healthy breakfast is a pledge of health and good mood!

Breakfast is a very important part of our diet. It is he who determines what will be our day - cheerful and positive or drowsy and sluggish. Choosing the right breakfast can raise your mood and improve your well-being!

At the same time, there are foods that we often use for breakfast, but it's better to leave them for lunch or dinner.

What you can not eat in the morning!

Baking can not be eaten in the morning

Any yeast bake will irritate the walls of the stomach. In addition, you may experience increased gas formation.

Sweets can not be eaten in the morning

Sweets and cookies from the very morning cause a surge of insulin. The pancreas is not yet ready for this test, diabetes can develop.

Yogurt can not be eaten in the morning

It will not bring harm to you, but it's also good early in the morning, too. Hydrochloric acid, which is in the stomach, destroys the lactobacilli. It's just a translation of the product.

Pears can not be eaten in the morning

Fiber, which is in pears, is useful, but not on an empty stomach. Coarse fibers injure the mucous membrane.

Tomatoes can not be eaten in the morning

These vegetables have a lot of tannic acid. Accordingly, acidity will increase, which can provoke gastritis and even ulcer.

Cucumbers can not be eaten in the morning

Any raw green vegetables will provoke heartburn, increase gas formation and cause discomfort in the stomach. All because of the acids in their composition.

Bananas can not be eaten in the morning

It's not a secret that bananas contain a lot of magnesium. But this is their wonderful property, if you eat fruit on an empty stomach, it can turn out to be too much stress on the heart.

Spices can not be eaten in the morning

Spices increase the production of gastric juice, which causes inflammation of the mucosa down to the ulcer. During the day, they can be eaten and can, and need, only not in the morning.

Cold and carbonated drinks can not be eaten in the morning

It is better to drink a glass of water, acidified with lemon, at room temperature. Cold drinks, and even fizzy, will injure the stomach and intestines and complicate the assimilation of food.

Citrus fruits can not be eaten in the morning

Fruit acids that enter the stomach irritate the walls and increase acidity. This causes heartburn, gastritis and ulcer.

What you need to eat in the morning

Oatmeal is what you need

It has an enveloping effect and protects the walls of the stomach from damage. It is rich in fiber, improves digestion and reduces the level of harmful cholesterol.

Buckwheat porridge softly affects the digestive system, improving its performance. Saturates the body with protein, iron and vitamins.

Corn porridge

Promotes elimination of toxins and salts of heavy metals. Brings back the microflora of the intestine, perfectly sates - you do not have to "kusochnichat" until the next meal.

Sprouted wheat

Grain with barely sprouted shoots contain a huge amount of vitamins E and B9. They also stimulate the intestine.

Eggs - a powerful charge of energy, they are very good saturate. With such breakfast, you do not face overeating during the day.


This berry provides the body with the required volume of fluid. And lycopene, which is part of the watermelon, helps to maintain good eyesight and heart health.

Bilberry as a breakfast on a regular basis normalizes the pressure, stabilizes the metabolism and improves memory. Be sure to add this berry to the porridge or fruit salad!

Whole-grain unleavened bread

Useful carbohydrates and other substances contained in this kind of bread are best absorbed in the morning. Use it for a morning sandwich to get the maximum charge of energy!


Thanks to the oil included in the composition of nuts, they promote good digestion. In addition, they reduce the acidity of the stomach, preventing gastritis and ulcers.


A spoonful of honey in the morning is a charge of energy and good mood. It helps the body to wake up and improves brain activity.

pleasant apetit and a wonderful mood !!!

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