Roundtable: Sexual Harassment, Homeless Tents, Gas Tax Repeal

Roundtable: Sexual Harassment, Homeless Tents, Gas Tax Repeal
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Roundtable: Sexual Harassment, Homeless Tents, Gas Tax Repeal


Amita Sharma, investigative reporter, KPBS News

Michael Smolens, political columnist, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Susan Murphy, reporter, KPBS News

Rob Nikolewski, energy reporter, The San Diego Union Tribune

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Sexual Harassment Scandals

The Story

New accusations this week of sexual harassment at the highest levels of politics, media and entertainment. NBC News anchor Matt Lauer was fired within days of a formal complaint. And Minnesota Public Radio severed its ties with former Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor after a similar allegation. Others, like Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, insist they will press forward. Congress has taken its first step to confront the issue, as the House of Representatives votes to require all members and staff receive sexual harassment training.

The Discussion

-Why is there a different reaction time in politics than in the business world?

-Why are so many women coming forward now?

-What are the new allegations involving former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner who pleaded guilty to battery connected to sexual misconduct charges?

Tents for San Diego’s Homeless

The Story

The city of San Diego is building three large tents to provide temporary shelter for hundreds of homeless residents. The tents will be located near downtown and the Midway district and will cater to adults, veterans and families with children. Father Joe’s Village and the Alpha Project will play a role in managing the day-to-day operations and will assist people in making the transition to more permanent housing.

The Discussion

-Where does the money come from?

-How does this play into the city’s wider strategy for homeless services?

-Why is this an effective approach for those who are trying to get off the streets?

California Gas Tax Repeal

The Story

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio is leading an effort to repeal California’s newly instituted gasoline tax. Nearly 600,000 signatures are required to put the question to voters on the November 2018 general election ballot. The signature drive launched this week in San Diego.

The Discussion

-Where does the additional gas tax money go?

-Is the repeal effort likely to get enough signatures?

-Is there any political backlash for those who approved the gas tax?

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