Students captured their teacher using drugs in the classroom!

Students captured their teacher using drugs in the classroom!

At school it is not uncommon for teachers to try to teach their students alternative ways of teaching or to provide them with new knowledge. Some students, however, became witnesses while their teacher using drugs, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Last week, student Will Rogers noticed his English teacher, Samantha Cox, doing something strange at the edge of the classroom. As teenagers are used to, He took out his cell phone and started taking videos from the window of the locked door of the classroom. In the video, Cox seems to put something that looks like a white powder on lines and then sniffing it from the office.

“She’s in the corner and she’s hiding with a chair and a book. It seems to have something that looks like cocaine and puts it in line, “says Rogers at WGN-TV. “When I saw the video over and over again, then I realized that my professor is sniffing cocaine.”

And because teens today seem to be opposed to drugs, some students who saw what happened said it to their school principle who called the Police. The police then brought a dog who found the drug in Cox’s room, where they found “a tightly knit bag with many small wrapped pieces of foil leaves and a small piece of rolled paper that can be used for drug used from the nose.”

The police arrested Cox and took her from school with handcuffs, an incident that was filmed by a student at Snapchat. The researchers found a bunch of drug paraphernalia. According to CBS Chicago, Cox later admitted to the police that she had bought cocaine at the price of $ 160 USD.

The school principal said he was happy that the matter was quickly settled. He also told the Northwest Indiana Times that “she was very dear to the students. It is a very sad situation. We are very happy that she was removed from the class directly. But we are worried about her prosperity. She seemed to be a very good teacher. ”

Cox is accused of having drugs and sympathizers, according to the Police, and entered the list of teachers who were caught doing it down to school.

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