Local Beer Review: Scorched Earth Rugged Coalminer

Local Beer Review: Scorched Earth Rugged Coalminer
Scorched Earth Rugged Coalminer Porter

Well, I didn't get ahold of any Canadian Breakfast Stout, but that's okay. I didn't have the $25 for a bottle anyway. But, I have a few article ideas from my trip to the parents' in Iowa, and I can get back to reviewing some local beers. In fact, I'm popping the cap on this brewer for the first time.

Rugged Coalminer is a porter from Scorched Earth Brewing Co. of Algonquin. The brewer's description says, "A rich, chocolatey, Robust Porter. It pours like the perfect shot of espresso, dark and rich, with a creamy head. The smooth caramel body softly balances the chocolate coffee-like notes." Sounds like a cozy beer for the first day of December.

The beer pours nice and dark. Black, to all intents and purposes. The smell is pleasantly roasty, with dark coffee and a bit of cocoa in the back. The taste is a little, dare I say it, scorched. Just because of its dark roast malt. This overrides the malt sweetness. There is more coffee roast in the palate. Hop bitterness is there mainly to keep the malts from getting too syrupy, and add to the overall bitter coffee impression.

This is a solid, strongly flavored beer, but at 5.9% it's not overly alcoholic. Should pair well with beef or ham during holiday dinners.

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