Why now is Trump preoccupied with Black folks?

Why now is Trump preoccupied with Black folks?

If Trump isn’t trying to dismantle and destroy the accomplishments of President Obama, he’s either remaining silent on white supremacists, attacking NFL players for exercising their First Amendment rights or going after ESPN’s Jemele Hill. Given events over the past several weeks and exhaustive months of his presidency, I am now wondering, independent of his hands, if Donald Trump secretly wishes he were a Black man?

Psychologists define the phenomenon of "never measuring up" as one that is shared in varying degrees by many populations which attempt to assimilate to an ideal yet unattainable culture. But, I’m wondering if this is Trumps problem with Black folks. Think about it! While we can only imagine the root cause of his preoccupation with tearing down the Obama legacy, it must be miserable for a below average, albeit successful, white man to step into the shoes of an articulate, well-read, family-oriented honorable Black man who was fairly elected, then re-elected President of the United States without Kremlin interference.

Oh the burden of knowing, President Obama signed more than 1,000 provisions into law during his eight years as president. Or knowing that according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office Obama’s administration created more than 7,000 "significant" rules and regulations through its executive power. Or despite questioning his citizenship, Obama stabilized the economy, made it easier for women to sue for job discrimination, reversed a ban on stem cell research, eased tensions with Cuba, set aside huge tracts of wilderness for federal protection, signed a bill to provide federally funded health care to an estimated 4 million children, authorized a U.S. Navy SEAL operation to rescue an American cargo ship captain held captive by Somali pirates, withdrew most U.S. troops from Iraq and brought justice to Bin Laden.

In comparison, Trump to-date has made no significant progress on any major legislation whatsoever. His health care bill was a bust. His border wall is stalled. He’s only now releasing basic principles of a tax plan. Even his executive order on immigration is tied up in the courts and his third Muslim ban iteration is yet again blocked by the court. Think about it! Within a year of presidency, President’s George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan made substantial progress in passing tax cuts, and Barack Obama had passed, among other things, a huge stimulus bill that not only kept us from the brink of economic peril but addressed education and climate policy. Trump? A Supreme Court Justice thanks to the maneuverings of Mitch McConnell, who he is trying to retire. What pressure he must be under, knowing he can’t cut it.

Think about how unless prompted, Trump has largely remained silent on white supremacists and the kkk, hired then fired a racist sympathizer, lauds police brutality, and remains mum on mosque burnings and the escalating hate crimes since his election. Instead, he’s called NFL players SOB’s; applauded Dallas Cowboy owners, Jerry Jones for his stand or bench policy and celebrated the suspension of a Black woman ESPN commentator, Jemele Hill. My goodness, it must be miserable knowing that on his best day he doesn’t measure-up, so he counter punches. The everyday burden of knowing you have be to "thrice" as good and God-like above-average to access the playing field and still make 53 cents less to every dollar earned by your peers.

Could be jealousy, but I think somewhere deep down, Trump secretly wishes he was a Black man in America. Why else would he be preoccupied with successful, articulate, talented, enterprising, hardworking American like President Barack Obama, Jemele Hill and 70% of the NFL?

Ha! #My2Cents4Today

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