Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

What appears to be a gigantic neon donut towers over the landscape in Huzhou, China. It's called the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, and its features and facilities are even more impressive than its architecture.Chief among them is an underwater bridge that connects the two towers together. Guests stay in the most opulent surroundings but it's the views of Lake Taihu, China's third-largest freshwater lake, which steal the show by day.The lobby is bathed in a glow from 20,000 Swarovski and European natural crystal lamps arranged in a wave-like formation across the ceiling, while the floor is made from Afghan White Jade and Tiger's Eye Stone shipped in from Brazil.By night, the entire building is lit up like a Christmas tree, putting on spectacular illuminations that can be seen across the city.

Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain

Located within the Spanish medieval city of Elciego, at intervals driving distance of Bilbao flying field, designer Frank Gehry's encroach upon building style cuts a strikingly aesthetic figure against a country scenery of vineyards and asleep residential buildings.The Marques First State Riscal was made from immense sheets of claret metal, twisted and organized in an exceedingly fashion you seldom see outside of the Tate trendy. Inside, it is a tapestry of maple wood walls and marble bogs, offset against trendy options like progressive Bang & Olufsen sound systems.More than simply a piece of art you'll sleep in, the building could be a wine enthusiast's dream, complete with terraces that overlook the vineyards, a spa that gives a variety of wine-inspired therapies and many of opportunities to sample the native nectar.

Illuminated Ice Hotel, Sweden:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Illuminated Ice Hotel, Sweden

Featuring rooms made up of sculptured ice from the neighbouring Torne River, the Illuminated Ice Hotel is literally the coolest place you can spend the night in Sweden.Temperatures in the cold rooms fluctuate between -5 to -8 degrees, but guests are unlikely to catch a chill in their thermal sleeping bags, which are placed on top of exclusive Carpe Diem beds covered with reindeer hides.The Illuminated Ice Hotel was created in the name of art and novelty, its rooms and halls playing host to the work of renowned ice sculptors, and drinks at the on-site bar are served in glasses made from ice.Warm rooms are available for those who want to enjoy these things without sleeping in subzero conditions, and they come with flat-screen TVs, dining areas and private bathroom equipped with heated showers.

Crane Hotel, Faralda Amsterdam:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Crane Hotel, Faralda Amsterdam

What Amsterdam's Faralda Crane Hotel lacks in practicality, it more than makes up for in originality and industrial charm.Set in a former harbour crane at 165 feet high and located at NDSM shipyard, this five-star attraction was used to haul cargo between 1894 and 1979, but now plays hosts to three luxurious suites with king-sized beds and a communal spa pool.If the chance to stay in a historic industrial monument isn't exciting enough for you, thrill-seeking guests can bungee jump off the top of the crane and free fall 164 feet.

Hotel Jested, Czech Republic:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Hotel Jested, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's building Jested conjointly embraces industrial themes, however it throws fantasy components into the combination too. Seriously, if HG Wells was ever asked to style a building, he'd most likely return up with one thing like this.Situated on a mountain vi.2 miles from town of Liberec, the guest house may look a small amount on the alien aspect, however it offers beautiful broad views of the space} and is one among the top-rated traveller attractions within the native area.The railings within building Jested ar made up of discarded items of steel welded along, any upping its industrial street cred, and if you tire of the side views, a water park, zoo, arboretum and therefore the town limits ar at intervals traveling distance.

Keemala Phuket, Thailand:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Keemala Phuket, Thailand

Nestled amid lush greenery a short drive away from Thailand's Patong beach lies a series of architectural anomalies collectively known as the Keemala resort.An array of birds nests, seedpods and what look like thatched Hobbit holes stand out against the wooded hinterland which dominates this part of Phuket.Inspired by local history, myth and tribe customs these unique dwellings are where guests at the Keemala resort relax when they aren't kicking back at the local spa and wellness centre, or taking in refreshments at the on-site bars and eateries.And if that isn't enough, there are also glorious views of the surrounding Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea on offer.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Switzerland:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Switzerland

There are a lot of hotels with quirky and unique features on this list, but one with its own private mountain railway is impressive by any standards.The Tschuggen Grand Hotel, which overlooks the Swiss town of Arosa, is a resplendent haven for alpine skiers, who have the chance to travel to the slopes via the exclusive Tschuggen Express, or direct from their room if they book a ski-out suite.The building's high-rise exterior was inspired by the dramatic snowy vistas it's set against and has an air of the '70s about it, but inside, the hotel is elegant and modern thanks to its Carlo Rampezzi-designed interiors.Dreamed up by Mario Botta, Tschuggen Grand's Bergoase Spa is touted as another jewel in its crown, a water world across four floors of white granite and glass sails.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore:
Amazing Hotels You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

With its indoor canal, sumptuous art, casino, outside plaza, theatre, crystal collapsible shelter and repository formed sort of a lotus flower, grandiose does not begin to explain the dock Bay Sands in Singapore, and none of those ar even its headline feature.That honour goes to the time pool set at fifty five storeys up. At thrice the length of associate Olympic pool and 650ft high, this can be the biggest of its kind at that altitude, therefore a head for heights is required if you fancy a dip.The time pool creates the illusion of water keeping off to the horizon and ending in an exceedingly sheer drop, however in point of fact, it spills over into a a space|catchment basin|drainage area|drainage basin|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} wherever it's filtered and uneaten before being tense into the most swimming area.This £4 billion triple tower development, that offers gorgeous views across town, became the world's most costly edifice project once it opened in 2010, stealing the crown of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace edifice, and stays begin at around £350 a night.

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