NBA 2K20 Players Aren't Happy With The Game's Many Problems

NBA 2K20 Players Aren't Happy With The Game's Many Problems

NBA 2K20 launched last week on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And well, the game has some issues. Beyond some questionable microtransactions, there's also a copious amount of bugs and performance issues plaguing the game across its various platforms. But that's not all, there's also been a lot of criticism lodged against some design decisions, especially around progression. In general, it seems a lot of players on the game, regardless of the platform, aren't thrilled with the state of the title at launch.

Taking to Twitter, many of these players vented their frustration with the game and 2K. In fact, there's even some prominent members of the game's community suggesting 2K didn't deliver the game it suggested it would ahead of launch. The complaints start to pile up that at one point, #Fix2K20 was trending on the social media platform.

JULIO LOPEZ...#fix2k20 been going thru this without knowing if I’m getting any progression
Shabooty #fix2k20 because I never ordered the 079d6cdc Edition
Bryan WiedeyThat New Orleans voodoo
Robbie MayMy night has consisted of our Pro-Am team being deleted and my opponent quitting a MyTeam Unlimited game resulting in giving me a loss #Fix2K20
MarleyAll I ask is fix the attribute, badge points, and the blue screens. Leave gameplay alone. #Fix2K20
Matt Embree#fix2k20
Kristopher London 2HYPENah bro what we played and what we talked about wasn’t what got released. I mean there’s clips and screenshots on what 2K told you, me, everyone. Don’t put that on me or other influencers cuz rn IM JUST AS LOST AS YOU..... I’m tired of the bs thrown my way like dam. #fix2k20
Jevon Bobo#fix2k20
ShcrayNobody : Sharpshooters and stretches: #fixnba2k20 #fix2k20

Of course, many of the issues currently causing problems for players can be addressed with patches, and will likely be remedied soon. However, the monetization structure and progression systems may prove to be trickier to fix for developer Visual Concepts.

NBA 2K20 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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