Poll: You have to marry Camilla or Edelgard

User Info: Endgame

Endgame 3 hours ago#1

Who do you choose to be stuck with? - Results (110 votes)


43.64% (48 votes)



56.36% (62 votes)


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You are cursed with immortality and stuck in an infinite time loop and the only way out is to live a full married life to one of them. There is no way out. You have to do it. Oh, and you can't even cheat on them as the curse will also cause your lips or your sword to Thanos away any other woman who comes into contact with them.

So..... who do you choose?

Oh, and you turn into Corrin if you pick Camilla and Byleth if you pick Edelgard, so don't worry, they'll love you and only you~.

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User Info: DOTBHDD

DOTBHDD 3 hours ago#2

Dorthea probably works better as a Camilla counterpart.

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User Info: Thrasher7170

Thrasher7170 3 hours ago#3

Dude, we get it. You hate Edelgard. You don't have to make topics about it all the f***ing time.

Anyway, Edelgard. She's sweet, cute, and actually does what needs to be done.

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User Info: dgfeagin

dgfeagin 3 hours ago#4

Both sociopaths, though Camilla slightly less so.

But Camilla has much bigger cans.

Camilla wins.

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User Info: Nakedbacon

Nakedbacon 3 hours ago#5

Camilla will live longer

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User Info: OtherGrimm

OtherGrimm 3 hours ago#6

Camilla is disgusting, so Edelgard. No contest.

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User Info: Urodos

Urodos 3 hours ago#7

I choose to join the fight in Smash

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User Info: Poison-puffs

Poison-puffs 3 hours ago#8

Camilla because boobs

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User Info: tottenhamfan

tottenhamfan 3 hours ago#9


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User Info: Lyokogurl44

Lyokogurl44 2 hours ago#10

Hey, I already married Edelgard in her path, I really don't mind doing so again.

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User Info: awesome105

awesome105 2 hours ago#11

mommy camilla

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User Info: Endgame

Endgame (Topic Creator)2 hours ago#12


Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

Dorthea probably works better as a Camilla counterpart.

This is a competition between the two most hated female characters in Fire Emblem history.

Dorothea isn't even on the level.

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User Info: PouringLight

PouringLight 2 hours ago#13

Come on. I don't even like Edelgard but even I can admit that she is a way better character than that annoying meme Camilla.

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User Info: EdeaCreamer

EdeaCreamer 2 hours ago#14

Cammy's snatch is full of undead wyvern sheddings.

Eddy's gonna die early so I'm free sooner.

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User Info: A-Omega16

A-Omega16 2 hours ago#15

Kronya or Camilla would’ve been an interesting one lmao

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User Info: progamer2290

progamer2290 1 hour ago#16

Well Edelgard is infinitely better then Camilla and Corrin is Literally the worse so easy


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User Info: Your_Master

Your_Master 1 hour ago#17

Edelgarde. Camilla is disgusting.

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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

SkittySaysMeow 59 minutes ago#18

Two of my favourite characters in the series but I like Camilla a bit more

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User Info: LordNobunaga

LordNobunaga 59 minutes ago#19

Edelgard no contest. I love her

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User Info: IvoEska

IvoEska 59 minutes ago#20

Endgame posted...

Oh, and you turn into Corrin if you pick Camilla

FFS I didn't read before voting! Can I opt for suicide instead?

User Info: BloodMoon7

BloodMoon7 50 minutes ago#21

Camilla would probably be more free with sex.

Edelgard would allow it once a month and if you missed the day, oh well. Oh and missionary only. No head, she can't bow because she is the Emperor.


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User Info: lowell666

lowell666 46 minutes ago#22

So I get a beautiful wife with a rocking body, who loves head laps and hot springs. Will cook, clean, take care of the kids, is rich AND I can turn into a dragon?

Anyone that votes Edelgard is a f***ing moron.

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User Info: JarodLH

JarodLH 40 minutes ago#23

Camilla is hotter imo.

Even if Camilla was flat chested and dressed like a nun I'd find her more attractive.

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VERY_GOOD_BOI 31 minutes ago#24

Camilla because of... assets...

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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis 30 minutes ago#25

Wait, I get Edelgard and I get to turn into F!Byleth? Why is he acting like this is a hard decision.

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User Info: Chefcook90

Chefcook90 28 minutes ago#26

Edelgard, because I want to be Byleth :3

Corrin's life SUCKS.

Byleth is a legendary mercenary, the coolest teacher at school, has the best dad in the franchise, and has superpowers granted by the loli goddess in their head!

Oh, plus if I accidentally Thanos away another woman as Byleth, I can always just undo it with Divine Pulse lol

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User Info: Tenzen12

Tenzen12 19 minutes ago#27

Camilla has bigger assets and is voiced by Myuki Sawashiro. Any character voiced by Myukichi is inherently better then character voiced by anyone else.

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