Have You Assembled All Seven of the Chaos Camillas?

User Info: RavingSwoobat

RavingSwoobat 2 hours ago#1

I want to see your Camilla Emblem! And if you don't have a Camilla, what are you waiting for? There's 2 available right now!



Now, let's talk Camilla!

OG Cams: I like her prf, so I pretty much just built upon that. She buffs the team, and has mobility to help repo, be in buff aura range, or attack on the front lines. She gives her teammates Atk/Spd +10/7 all by herself!

Bizarro Camilla: Red nuke, plain and simple. Goad is for more buffs, because she'll be around someone, and Atk/Res Link Repo helps increase offense for others. With Camilla Support™, she can potentially double, but she'll usually nuke the enemy in one hit.

Brave Camilla: She completes everything! And even better, I can further chuck the HS to the side. She has Chill Spd, but it should probably be a Renewal seal.... Earthwater Balm special to not conflict with Hone buffs (and also to not displace Wah!Mia, who has Windfire). As with most Brave Heroes, not much that needed changing.

Summer Camilla was my premier Blue Flier for a while. Standard Bladetome setup, but she's my only Bladetome flier I made, so she feels a lot more special than what I usually work with. Like with Adrift, she's almost always next to someone, so Atk/Spd Bond (also because Brazen Atk/Spd is a very popular revolving seal on my team. The less switching, the better)

New York Camilla: I really didn't know what to to with her for a while. Never was really fond of her that much either. I then got Ryoma a few months later on his debut, and he took the red flier sword slot permanently. But... for the interest of Camilla Emblem, she fills a useful role. She works similarly to OG, in that her role is primarily buffing, and to be the general physical fill-in when needed. I was thinking on giving her Escape Route, but decided on Mystic Seal to offset Fury 3's damage, and she generally likes all of her stats. Rally Up Atk+ is for group buffs if/when someone is out of Hone's range. I should change Moonbow to Ignis/Bonfire, tho...

Spring Camilla is more of a trophy for me; got her recently this Spring rerun. But since I had Veronica, I wasn't motivated in creating a build for her, and I only pulled for her because I had all the other Camillas. I might do something with her and the Green Egg, but not so happy with the Def bane.

As for HS!Camilla... I like to pretend that she doesn't exist. She doesn't even ride a Wyvern like the others... For me, she is best this way, and will remain so with no HM to her name :^)

I kind of like OG and NY builds, in that they can be easily slotted into pretty much any flier team and be a great buff bot. I also like NY being more defensive, because it helps differentiate her from my other red fliers, which are all offensive. Probably not the best builds, but they work enough for me

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User Info: Umbreon

Umbreon 1 hour ago#2

Missing spring, adrift, and brave.

Not really interested in any of those(Well Brave for the fodder, but I'm not pulling now).

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User Info: Aloner

Aloner 1 hour ago#3

Besides OG!Savage Blow and free watermelons the only one I have is Summer!Camilla, which wasn't intentional in the slightest (she blocked me from L!Azura).

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User Info: km25

km25 1 hour ago#4

Missing NY and Brave. Also a proud owner of a 5*+10 +5DF HS!Camilla..

User Info: Tight-Knots

Tight-Knots 1 hour ago#5

I only am missing Brave and Summer!! I got NY unintentionally while going for Takumi, Spring for Chrom xD xD she blocks me from my cute boys!!! :3 adrift was for... hmmm... Valentines Ike I think?? XD xD and there’s bath :3

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User Info: Metroid_Fanatic

Metroid_Fanatic 1 hour ago#6

Missing Spring and Adrift Camilla. Spring is cursed for me, though, I've tried pulling hard for her every time she's showed up to no avail.

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User Info: RavingSwoobat

RavingSwoobat (Topic Creator)1 hour ago#7

km25 posted...

Missing NY and Brave. Also a proud owner of a 5*+10 +5DF HS!Camilla..

Grats on your +10 HS!Camilla. Even though I don't really care for her, you should show her off! I don't think I've seen anyone with a +10 HS!Camilla yet, and I'd like to see yours.

User Info: Pickley-

Pickley- 1 hour ago#8

Just missing Spring and NY

Chrom cucked me out of spring camilla tho >_>


User Info: Darkdragoon324

Darkdragoon324 1 hour ago#9

I've somehow managed to collect them all. I don't remember ever even wasting too many orbs for one either, except I think Spring. I threw all my orbs at her because she was the first mage flier and I NEEDED it.

Although Camilla number 7 was my CYL 3 free pick, so i'm not sure that one counts. Also I only chose her because I got lucky summoning for Micaiah.

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User Info: Ahuehue13

Ahuehue13 1 hour ago#10

Missing spring and brave. Might just get her with my free summon but I'll wait I guess

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