Excalibur on His Roots, Regaining His Love Of Wrestling, And His Mask

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling recently sat down with its broadcast team to do an exclusive interview in order to allow fans to get to know the crew better. The first part, which featured Excalibur, discussed his wrestling roots, why he wears his distinctive mask, and much more.

For Excalibur, his wrestling history started in 1998, where he trained in Lucha Libre, American, and Japanese styles of wrestling. “While I learned from everyone, my primary trainers were Super Dragon and Mr. Excitement. Since it was Southern California, there was an emphasis on Lucha Libre, but I also trained in American and Japanese styles as well.”

When it comes to the mask, Excalibur says he wears it as an homage to some of older stars of wrestling’s past. “My mask is an homage to The Great Sasuke, the founder of Michinoku Pro, and one of the major stars of that generation.”

According to Excalibur, he initially lost interest in wrestling around the age of 11, but regained it after watching AAA’s When Worlds Collide pay-per-view in 1994. “Shortly after, a friend gave me a VHS copy of the 1994 Super J-Cup and my mind was completely blown,” he said. “I was totally hooked; I started trading tapes online, newsgroups, AOL, forums, and began accumulating a large collection of wrestling from all over the world, though I was always drawn to Japanese wrestling most of all.”

There will be more of the interview with Excalibur releasing, as All Elite Wrestling continues to get fans ready for their television debut.

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