Samsung May Ditch The Earpiece On Galaxy Note10

Samsung may ditch the earpiece on the Galaxy Note10, in favor of an under-display speaker. Similar to what we've seen from Xiaomi with the original Mi MIX a few years ago, and the LG G8 ThinQ earlier this year.

Getting rid of the earpiece would mean that Samsung can do even thinner bezels, particularly at the top of the phone. Since the majority of the top bezel is that earpiece. But that also means that you're going to have a cut out display for the front-facing camera. Something we've already seen from the many leaks of the Galaxy Note10.

This time around, Samsung is going to have the camera in the center instead of off to the side, like with the Galaxy S10 that was released earlier this year.

The technology that Samsung would be using here is called "Sound on Display". It's a technology that the company showed off at the Samsung OLED Forum last year in China. It also showed them off at CES earlier this year, and said to expect products with the Sound On Display technology to arrive later this year.

Popular leaker, Ice Universe, has said that the Sound On Display technology would replace the earpiece on the Galaxy Note10. The way this would be done is using piezoelectric vibrations through the display that goes to the users ears. If it is anything like what the LG G8 ThinQ's speaker is like, then it should actually work pretty well.

There is some basis for this rumor as well, since Samsung is using very similar technology on the new Galaxy M40. It's not the exact same as Sound On Display, but pretty close. So bringing that to the Galaxy Note10 wouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone really.

Ditching the earpiece would also make the Galaxy Note10 even more waterproof than the Galaxy Note9 is. The reason for that is because there aren't any holes at the top of the phone, where water could seep in. Instead, it would be totally flat, so that it would be completely waterproof.

Samsung is expected to unpack the Galaxy Note10 on August 7 in New York City, if a recent report is to be believed. Samsung has not yet sent out any invites for the event, but that does line up pretty nicely with last year's Galaxy Note9 launch date and even the Galaxy Note8's the year before. Samsung typically likes to launch the Galaxy Note ahead of IFA, so that it will be on store shelves ahead of the iPhone, when that launches in early September. Since Apple is really Samsung's only competitor, it makes perfect sense for them.

The Galaxy Note10 is shaping up to be a pretty big device, and this year, we're expecting a few different models. Of course, it wouldn't be 2019 without a 5G model of the Galaxy Note10 launching as well. Then there is also supposed to be the Galaxy Note10 Pro which would be a larger version of the Galaxy Note10. But we'll find out more, come August.

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