Beyoncé has 2 more projects coming to Netflix after ‘Homecoming’

Beyoncé has 2 more projects coming to Netflix after ‘Homecoming’

Last year, Beyoncé gave an undeserving world a truly legendary Coachella performance, and then a documentary to further immortalize that performance. Now, she’s blessing us all with not just one but two more projects coming to Netflix, according to the deal she penned with the streaming giant.

On Friday, we learned Beyoncé’s Coachella performance brought in a total of $8 million for the singer, despite earlier reports claiming she only made half of what Ariana Grande made for headlining the festival.

And then the Netflix deal that followed was worth $60 million, according to Variety.

Franklin LeonardHonestly, three Beyonce projects for $60M is a damn steal, even if she has total creative control (as I assume she does.)
Jemele HillSo she took that $4M from Coachella and flipped it into $60M. Queen behavior.
Brittany PacknettShe flipped that $8 milli into film and audio streaming rights, long term deals and outright ownership. Boss moves

The Beyhive is understandably freaking out on Twitter following the news.

Some are theorizing what the next two projects might be about. Beyoncé stans think one of the projects will revolve around one of her past tours, namely ” The Formation World Tour” or her and Jay-Z’s “On the Run II” tour.

While many believe the last project will be about her next and seventh studio album.

Mocha GangsterSo…I’m thinking a FWT BTS doc and the third & final project will be tied to B7.
Jay GodíOh shit! We might be getting The formation world tour or OTRII & B7!!!!I’m so so thankful to be a fan right now. She reminded me that I can’t be what I can’t see, & I’ve seen everything I imagined. That reassurance & reminder helped me do something amazing. #comingsoon
miyah j. bligeb7... what an ERA this about to be

On April 17, Netflix released Homecoming, a documentary giving viewers an inside look at what it took for Beyoncé to put on the performance of a lifetime. The film has been met with a great deal of admiration from viewers and critics alike, even earning it a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

On the same day, Beyoncé also surprised fans with a live album of the concert.

Queen B just continues to bless us on this holy weekend.


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