OKC Thunder: Andre Roberson suffers injury set back requiring a third procedure on his left knee

OKC Thunder: Andre Roberson suffers injury set back requiring a third procedure on his left knee

Andre Roberson has suffered a set back in his return to the court and will be out at least another two months following a third procedure to his injured knee.

Sutures are not the OKC Thunder favorite subject. Recalling a few years back when had his meniscus surgery and then had to undergo a second procedure. This was also due to a suture creating aggravation.

Cut to tonight, when news broke via an OKC Thunder spokesperson informing the media Andre Roberson is suffering from a similar issue. It required a procedure presumably to remove the suture. This in fact will be the third time the injury undergoes surgery or treatment. The original injury occurred on January 27, when Roberson ruptured the patellar tendon of his left knee. A second (arthroscopic) procedure occurred in late May to help progress his healing

Coincidental or not the injury happened in Detroit who just happened to be in town last night to face the OKC Thunder. Roberson may want to avoid all contact with the Pistons since every time he’s around them no good turns come his way. At issue is the time frame and the unknown of how far back his rehabilitation will be set.

The curious part of this equation is why it took this long to determine there was a problem. I’m certainly no doctor, so best guess is as he progressed through his rehabilitation the increased range of motion and activity lead to the discovery. Or rather, resulted in the increased pain and annoyance to his knee. Based on social media reports it does seem to indicate everything was progressing well, but there was irritation from the wonky suture which culminated in Roberson having to undergo this third procedure.

It isn’t of the minor variety because he was unable to progress through the annoyance. The spokesperson advised Roberson will be re-evaluated in two months. What isn’t known is if this means his progress will be dialed back to a stage prior to where he was in his rehabilitation and need to start afresh or if he’ll be able to work toward any progress in this two months.

As per Erik Horne a key date would be December 4 when Roberson would be re-evaluated, but no further information was provided. Meaning – this might launch a re-start to his recovery phase.

Important to note: The Thunder doesn’t necessarily expect Roberson back in two months, but that’s when he’ll be re-evaluated, which would Dec. 4 if two months from today. The procedure to remove the suture was not a scope/arthroscopic.

Also noteworthy in Horne’s message is the fact the procedure was not invasive in the nature of an arthroscopic scope.

Opportunity knocks for the OKC Thunder wing men:

Billy Donovan was already in a situation of having to figure out who his starting wing man would be. Candidates to claim the role ranged from third year returnee Alex Abrines, second year returnee Terrance Ferguson, new additions Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Abdel Nader.

It’s unlikely rookie Hamidou Diallo will take the starting spot, but it could mean a greater emphasis on his role and playing time. Likewise, training camp invite K.J. McDaniels who has bounced around to a few teams these last few seasons may end up getting picked up for insurance in the interim.

The other starting rotation option may be to look at a starting backcourt of Westbrook and Dennis Schroder and Paul George playing the small forward role. This becomes a viable suggestion given the early and rapid assimilation of Schroeder and his growing chemistry with .

How far will this set back the team?

Either way, with the giddiness of the upcoming 2018-19 season and the depth Sam Presti added this offseason this puts a bit of a damper on that elation. With the Western Conference chock full of 10 teams (closer to 12) who could claim a playoff berth garnering home court seeding has never been more important. Then factor in Westbrook is also recovering from his knee scope, though all indications are he is progressing well in his rehabilitation.

This for sure opens the door for one of more of the wingmen to stake a claim on minutes and make an impression. “Next man up”, will no doubt be the mantra.

Wishing Andre Roberson a speedy recovery and the T.I. team’s best wishes for a speedy recover are with him.

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